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App Spotlight: Lemon

Trying to keep track of receipts is one of the most infuriating things a consumer has to deal with. They get left  in bags, thrown out by accident, stuffed into a wallet and forgotten, the list goes on and on. Thankfully, when it comes time to dig out receipts to find out where all that hard-earned money went, just pull out your phone. Lemon can keep track of those receipts for you.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

What Lemon does is digitize and store your receipts so the consumer will know, without having to search, where their money is going. Simply take a picture of the receipt and the app will do the rest. Once in the system, the app will give the user several options in how to utilize the information. They can separate their receipts into personal purchases, credit card, debit, etc. They can also tag the receipts, allowing for the user to track where they’re spending their money most often. Very handy if someone is trying to cut down on expenses.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

Lemon is a helping hand for those who want to keep track of their everyday finances. So, instead of shoving those receipts into an already over-stuffed wallet, or placing them in a shoebox in the closet to be forgotten, try using Lemon.

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