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App Spotlight: GasBuddy

There are many indicator lights on the dash of a car, some more terrifying then others. However, in these trying times there seems to be one light that fills drivers with the most dread. That light is the low fuel indicator. Times are tough, people all over the nation are needing to tighten their belts, and pinch their pennies. With gas prices rising, a service that began on the internet is now available on your phone. GasBuddy is an app that helps the regular consumer make sure that when they buy gas, they are buying it for the best price possible in their area.

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This app is very user friendly and has very few screens to go through which can be helpful for the times when you need gas fast and do not want to spend forever flipping through an app. The user has two options open to them: they can hit the “Find Gas Near Me” option or type in a zip code. Either option will give a list of local gas stations and their prices.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

Something to note is: what if you’re new to town? Or maybe you are passing through taking the kids to see the grand canyon and you have no idea where any of these streets are? GasBuddy has the option to convert the list into a street scrolling map with your location marked on it.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

There is no fault that can be found with this app, it is just a great one to have around. From the new driver with his freshly produced license to the seasoned driver who has seen it all–this is an app for everyone.

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