App Spotlight: Double Parked

As soon as I started driving I realized all of the costs I wasn’t expecting. Gas prices have soared, it always seems like something is breaking down or needs fixed, and there’s always a temptation to grab some drive thru when I have plenty of things to eat at home. However, parking tickets are an extra cost that are annoying, and can be avoided with one simple app: Double Parked.

Double Parked is a simple application that allows you to save when you parked, and have the app remind you when you need to move your car. All you have to do is add the time you park and how long you have to stay there, and the app will remind you when you need to move from the spot, always letting you know the exact time you have left. Remembering how long you have to park may seem like something little, but having this app will do you wonders if it saves you a parking ticket, not to mention it’s free. The app does everything it says, and is relatively simple. All you do is plug in your numbers and you’re good to go, and you can even set reminders to play the MP3s saved on your device. As I’ve said before, Double Parked is free in the Android Market, and if you often get, or just want to avoid parking tickets be sure to check it out.