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App Spotlight: DinnerSpinner

Ever want the option of being able to pull out a cookbook when out of town or away from home? Many people don’t really think of it in those types of situations, preferring to eat out than waste their time cooking. However, sometimes what someone really needs is a home cooked meal, and with DinnerSpinner that can be arranged.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

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The app offers a wide assortment of recipes from, appetizers to desserts. Shake the phone and a recipe will be picked at random as the name of the app entails. However, if that is too random, the user has the option of picking the parameters of the dish themselves, or simply searching the apps database for a recipe of their liking. Once decided, a long list will appear before them including all possible recipes that meet the requirements set. Just pick a recipe and go.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

Once the dish is chosen, the screen including the ingredients and cooking procedures will appear. Pretty standard for any cooking app, though they include user reviews and how many calories the dish has per serving for those watching their figure.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

It is a useful app for those looking for a helping hand with a recipe. Definitely worth taking a look at for those who have never used a recipe app before, or are simply tiring of the one they are using.

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