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App Spotlight: Craigslist Mobile

With advancements in technology, society has changed the way it operates. In this instance it is selling items that no longer hold their value to the owner. One of the ways to do this is through Craigslist. To make it on-the-go friendly, many app developers have come out with services that allow users to surf Craigslist. Amongst the more popular of these apps is Craigslist Mobile, by Dudu Apps.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

The app allows the user to look through their area for whatever their heart desires, just like on Craigslist. It offers full color pictures, descriptions and pricing. Essentially it is the website made mobile friendly. Now while this is well and good, many of the other apps claim to offer the same services, in varying degrees of proficiency. What sets this app apart is its claim on being the only Android app that allows the user to search and post an ad directly from the phone. In other words, through Craigslist Mobile, there is no longer any need to post from the computer, it can simply be done through the phone.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

For those new to Craigslist and wishing for an app they can take with them, offering the same experience as the site, Craigslist Mobile isn’t far from the mark. The same is true for veteran users, so ty it out.

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