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App Spotlight: Convertpad, A Must Have For International Travelers

From exchanging currency in a foreign nation to trying to switch English measurements to Metric, conversions are never easy to remember and always irritating. Thankfully the developers at Sunny Moon came out with an app that covers every conversion a person on the go may need.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

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The great thing about this app is how extensive it is. Looking at the menu options available, the user can see dozens of categories open to them for conversion. For the most part many people will only be interested in the everyday ones such as currency conversion or English to Metric. However, it is interesting to know that all those other options are there if needed.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

If the user prefers to have a shorter and concise selection of choices when it comes to conversion that option is available. Simply enter into the area named “Favorite Categories” and check off the ones that don’t matter. The same can be done for units in an area aptly named “Favorite Units.”

Screenshot by Josh Gough

This is definitely a useful app to have around if you want to do conversions often and don’t want to use internet service to do it.

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