App Of The Week: YouMail

I think the number one thing that I hate most about cell phones, and having one, is voicemails. It may just be because I am lazy, but I hate checking my voicemails. At one point I actually instructed those who got my voicemail to not leave me one, because I will most likely never check it. However, voicemails became much less of a problem when I got a smartphone, because I could use visual voicemail providers. The only problem with that is every carrier has its own visual voicemail app, and most of them have a subscription and aren’t the most productive and intuitive apps, if they even work. The best alternative I’ve found to checking your voicemail is YouMail.

YouMail is a visual voicemail service that is available on Android, iPhone, and also has a web client. Because calling to check your voicemails can be such a pain, visual voicemail can really make things a lot easier. When you download YouMail the first time, the app will ask you to choose the number that you wish YouMail to check for voicemails. After this, YouMail asks you to give it permission to forward all of your voicemails to it instead of your carrier. Once you’ve completed all of this, the app check for voicemails every time you get a missed call, and whatever interval you choose.


After the setup, YouMail does the rest for you. Like any visual voicemail, it will treat your voicemails almost like emails, keep an inbox full of unread and read messages, sent, trash, etc. When you get a voicemail, YouMail will see what number sent it and use your contacts to pull the caller was. You can then play and listen to all of your voicemails as you please. In my use of the app, it hasn’t failed to pull all of my voicemails and do exactly what it’s supposed to. The greetings are also set for you, but can be personalized to say whatever you’d like them too. However, YouMail can recognize who is calling from your contact list, and greet them by their name if you choose it to do so, and in my opinion this was a very cool feature.

YouMail works great, and is a really simple app to use. There’s not much you can say about a visual voicemail app that people don’t know, but YouMail deserves whatever you can say. Many carriers offer their options of visual voicemails, but none of them work as well as YouMail does, and YouMail does it for free. The setup is fairly simple, and once you get everything ready to go the app does exactly what it’s supposed to do. The UI is intuitive and simple, and YouMail is a prime example of a third-party app that gets done what the carriers can’t. YouMail is this week’s App Of The Week, and is available for free in the Android Market.