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Andy Rubin: Search On Android is “Getting A Lot Better”

Andy Ruin On Stage at AllthingsD's Asia D photo: AllthingsD

Google’s Mobile chief, Andy Rubin kicked off the AllthingsD, Asia D conference last night in Hong Kong (which was the wee hours of the morning in the United States).  After Google and Samsung’s big announcement in Hong Kong it was only fitting that Rubin kick off the festivities.

Typically AllthingsD conferences put the best of the best in technology fields up against two of the best technology reporters, Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg. Unfortunately Swisher was hospitalized with a blood clot she evidently got while flying from the US to Hong Kong.  Just prior to  Rubin’s interview Walt checked in with Swisher on Video. It looks like she’ll make a full recovery!

As to Android, Rubin dodged questions about what US carrier would get the Samsung Galaxy Nexus first. He also challenged Walt Mossberg’s theory that Android tablets had totally failed.

More revealing though was the fact that Rubin acknowledged that the Android Market’s native search was crap. Something we have reported on for two years. However Rubin gave up some great information about App discovery and that is that the Android Market now incorporates Google’s actual search technology.  Rubin told Mossberg “It’s getting a lot better,”. He went on to tell Mossberg “It’s going to get better exponentially very soon.”

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It was also no secret to Rubin that the Android Market’s search was really bad. What’s always made it a sore spot with Android users is the fact that app discovery is so bad and that Android is a Google product. It’s hard to believe the king of all search left out quality search from Android. To that Rubin tells Mossberg:

“I recognize that we were a little behind.”


Source: AllthingsD

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