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Android Market Closes The Gap In Apps, Now 500,000

A study by a research firm called Research2Guidance revealed some interesting facts about Android and iPhone apps. One of the most interesting points in the survey is that a whopping 37% of apps that make their way to the Android Market, also make their way out of the Android Market. These apps are either removed by Google or their developer for some reason or another.  Although Apple’s App Market has a much more stringent vetting process for their applications, they still see a withdrawl/removal rate of 24%.

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Perhaps the biggest fact to come out of this research is that according to Research2Guidance, the Android Market crossed 500,000 apps in September of 2011.  During that same month Apple had 600,000 apps in their app market. So in terms of gross adds to application store, there are only 100,000 apps currently separating Android from iPhone.  As we reported earlier this week, another analyst group suggested that the Android Market may pull ahead of the Apple App Store in June of 2012.

According to the study 78% of those apps removed from the Android Market were free apps. This could mean a number of things. One hypothesis is that a lot of these apps may have been removed from the Android Market and exchanged for a paid app. They could have also been “time centric” apps like those for a conference, a class or something that the calendar would dictate the necessity to pull the application.

It was also revealed that Android developers were more active. The average Android developer has 6 apps in the Android market where the average Apple iOS developer has just 4 titles in Apple’s App Store.

When looking at truly active applications, in the third quarter Android has 319,161 active applications whereas Apple has the 459,589 active applications.

Source: Research2Guidance via Phandroid

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