Android Daily Activations Absent From Earnings Call


Google CEO Larry Page held the companies 3rd quarter earnings call earlier this afternoon.  Google did very well beating analysts for the very important third quarter.

Page didn’t give a lot of information out about Android specifically.  He contributed revenues of $2.5 billion dollars to the free operating system.  Mum was the word on the Motorola acquisition citing that the deal was going through the regulatory process.

Page did say they were excited about next week’s Samsung Google news announcement.

Missing from today’s call though was the number of daily Android activations. On three Q2 call Page had said Android was seeing 550,000  activations per day.  Last week a report revealed that if Android was still activating at the same rate it was in July we would see 1 million activations per day sometime around October 20th.

Instead of reporting daily activations Page did say there we 190 million devices and growing fast. We’re unclear if that’s straight sales or produced, or touching the Android market and Gapps.

Source: SAI

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