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Android and iPhone Evolution Over 4 Years

Sure the inner workings of the iPhone have greatly improved over the last year as well as the inner workings of the Android devices manufactured by OEM’s.  However when you look at software and operating system the latest iteration of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, really highlights how much the Android operating system has grown in terms of innovation over the years.

As you can see from the Cupcake homescreen on the left to the Ice Cream Sandiwch homescreen on the right Google and the in house Android team have grown through each and every version.

While iOS fans worldwide are experiencing Siri for the first time, the talk to text interface has been baked into Android through the previous 2 full versions of Android. One thing that Android showed (and iPhone users will learn) is that while it’s cool the voice technology is not used nearly as much as the iPhone loving crowd thinks it will be.  And again it’s been baked into Android over the past two years.

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Ice Cream Sandwhich brings a lot of innovation to the phone. Think about that for a second, not even just Android, Ice Cream Sandwich brings a lot of innovation to the phone. We would assume that users actually do get phones to make calls.

The ability to group your favorite and most important contacts into a folder, arrange them the way you want, and have picture icons in the folder is new. However you could put a shortcut to a favorite as a direct dial going back to Eclair.  This new functionality means you could have a social folder, your party contacts or your bridge club while you could do a whole other folder for your business contacts.

Ice Cream Sandwich takes the guess work out of social networking by adding all your contacts social networks to your contact card automatically and updating them, again automatically.  This way you know if your friend bob is going out drinking you can see that on his Facebook but if he just got a big promotion or changed companies, you can see that in his Linked In.  Rolodexes are becoming less and less relevant.

Now we know we’ve been trying this for years and while the technology worked it seems that with the integrated Beam through NFC that was introduced in Ice Cream Sandwich the whole process will be easier.  I especially liked the maps beaming.  Imagne going out to eat with friends or to something out of town like a wedding.  You can pull up the map/route you’re going to take and then  just touch your friends phone this takes the guessing out of which Google Maps route they are taking.

You can share websites, pictures and even games the exact same way. Remember this for iPhone 6 guys this is Big.

Finally Android is now totally buttonless. Yes the iPhone has one button but Ice Cream Sandwich has NO buttons, 0, zip, zilch, nada.

There are plenty more but we were looking for a reason to share this great graphic found on this guys Google +

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