Amazon Expected To Sell 5 Million Kindle Fires Before The End Of The Year

Although Amazon has remained tight lipped around the number of Kindle Fires both preordered and expected to sell (after the first 5 days) the analysts have been blabbing away. Tomorrow when Amazon reveals their third quarter numbers they are expected to remain mum on the number of new Android tablets sold.

However analysts, even from top shelf firms like JP Morgan, see it as a real possibility to sell through 5 million Kindle Fires before the end of the year. JP Morgan’s Douglas Anmuth said in a research report Monday that after taking 95,000 pre-orders in the first 24 hours and then 250,000 in the first five days, Anmuth thinks 5 million is attainable. He goes on to suggest that the Kindle Fire may outsell the iPad based on sheer pricing alone.

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Amazon is reportedly taking an unofficial undisclosed loss on each Kindle Fire sold. They are hoping to recoup the loss in selling media downloads, books, apps and more in their online conduits like the Kindle store, Amazon Android App Store, and other connected online Amazon services.

Like the Barnes and Noble Nook, the Kindle Fire is a stand alone device that is loosly built on Android but has it’s own custom user interface featuring the new Silk browser that has already gone under fire of the US Government.

As Phonearena suggests, should Amazon hit that 5 million unit figure it will have an install base equal to almost all of the Android Honeycomb tablets on the market.

source: Phonearena