Accessory Spotlight & Holiday Gift Guide: Cobra Key Tag

Cobra has introduced their new Bluetooth Key Tag device.  If you’re familiar with the Zomm you’re familiar with the concept behind the Keytag device except for one clearly different feature, and that is that it’s two way.

Put the Keytag on your keys and if you lose your keys you can find them by using an Android application that is downloadable from the Android market. Conversely if you lose your phone, you can click the button on the keytag to make phone emit a signal so you can find it as well.

When the keytag and the phone are more than 30 feet away from each other it triggers an alarm and the last known gps coordinates of the keytag itself are sent back to the Android app. When using the Keytag in reverse you can even set the phone to lock when it finds itself 30 feet away from the keytag.

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