WOW! Sharp Aquous Android Phone Is Well, Sharp!

Although we haven’t actually seen this phone in person, if it comes out even half as good as people are saying it will, it’s going to be one beautiful beast of a phone.  We’re talking about the Sharp Aquous 102SH Android phone.

Now if you’ve been down the aisle of your local electronics store in the past couple of years you are familiar with Sharp’s Aquous technology. It’s right up there with Samsung’s screens, Sony’s Bravia line and other top notch flat panel tvs.  The Sharp Aqous tv’s are known for their crystal clear display and that’s exactly what Sharp is going for with the Aquous 102SH Android phone.

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The Aquous features a 4.5 inch 1280×720 HD Aquous Crystal Clear Display, glasses free 3D, and a pixel density of 239dpi. In the camera department we’re talking 12mp CMOS camera with HD video recording and for the processor, how about TI’s dual core 1ghz OMAP 4430 processor. There’s 1G B of RAM and 2.2GB of ROM on board. They’re also claiming that it’s water proof.  (now go clean off your computer screen)

Now this beast… excuse me this sexy beast of an Android device is expected to hit Japan’s Soft Bank wireless first with no word on US carriers, but we can cross our fingers.  Soft Bank is a GSM carrier so perhaps they can just get that Aquous outfitted with AT&T or T-Mobile bands and we’ll be in business.

You can see another three pictures of this beautiful device over at Phandroid as soon as Chris Chavez is done drooling over them

source: Phandroid

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  1. Nom, that looks a win! But no doubt it’ll be VERY costy. If it ever comes to the U.K. I don’t see it being cheaper than £500.

  2. Oh the tech lust this induces….must keep the HTC Sensation in good shape so it can be sold once this pretty comes to the US

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