Workout Trainer, Who Needs A Gym Friend Anyway?

Ever want to go to the gym but your gym friend decides to wuss out that day because he has a “cold” and you are forced to go alone? Or, maybe you can’t make it to the gym today yourself because you just do not have enough time on your hands to get there with your busy schedule, but you still wanna use some free weights? Yes, there is an app for that. Workout Trainer by Skimble Inc. is just that app, and whether you want to work out for a few minutes or get your really heart pumping, this app can help tailor a workout for you. Best of all, it not only designs a workout for you but gives step by step instructions and motivation along the way.


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Ever standing in the middle of the gym stumped as what to do next? not to worry. Workout Trainer can give you a few ideas , whether its from checking the community to see what other gym goers are doing or simply using there “Shakerciser!” option. It’s worth trying out for a good laugh.

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The nice thing about this app is that it realizes that not everyone is at the same level of fitness. People come in all shapes and sizes, therefore so do the exercises. They range from long to short, intense to casual and are labeled as such. Users have the option of liking each workout, giving a reminder to those who come after them whether its truly worth it or not.

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There are, of course, some shortcomings with the app. Not everything is free, though a lot of it is. That’s not to say don’t try it out, it’s got a good foundation to work with and overall it is a good app.

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  1. This looks like it would be fun to use… might even set up a little competition between friends!

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