Verizon Planning Another Big LTE Day October 20th

Verizon Wireless has proved that they mean business when it comes to their 4G/LTE footprint, they’re trapsing across the United States like big foot. It seems that at least once, if not twice a month, Verizon lights up a bunch of cities on the same day. October 20th should be no different.

Through a number of press releases Verizon Wireless has announced that October 20th the following areas will receive 4G/LTE and we’re expecting to hear more as the date gets closer:

Haggerstown Maryland and the Catoctin Mountains
Modesto California
Stockton Caifornia
Birmingham Alabama
Sioux City Iowa
Buffalo NY and the Niagra area

They are also expecting to do a major expansion in Los Angeles and San Diego. We’re willing to bet that the San Diego expansion is actually finished two weeks earlier, just in time for CTIA’s “Enterprise & Applications” convention.

source: Verizon Wireless


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