US Cellular Really Beefing Up Android Offerings, Now The HTC Hero S

One of the codenamed HTC phones that’s been making the rumor rounds as of late has been the HTC Kingdom.  It was revealed earlier this summer that the HTC Kingdom would come to Sprint as the HTC Design 4G (although we haven’t heard much lately).  Now it’s shown up again, this time as a render baring the US Cellular logo.

US Cellular and Motorola officially announced the Motorola Electrify a couple of weeks ago. The Electrify is a rebranded Motorola Photon 4G sans the 4G. Now it appears this HTC Hero S will also get US Cellular stripes.

According to our friends at Pocketnow, the HTC Hero S is a little better than mid-range Android device. It sports a 1.2ghz single core processor, 5 mega pixel camera with front facing WVGA camera and a 4 inch qHD display.  There is of course no mention of date or pricing so we’re going to have to continue to keep our eyes pealed for this one.

source: Pocketnow