The Droid Guy, Meporter, LiveShare And The 360 App Present Mobile Moment To Remember

September 11th Mobile Moment In Time by Thedroidguy


This weekend Thedroidguy, TDGN, Meporter, Liveshare and The 360 App present Mobile Moment In Time.  This weekend as American’s celebrate the memories of loved ones, friends, co-workers, firefighters, police officers and first responders lost in the 9/11 tragedy 10 years ago, we will be in New York, and Washington DC for the memorial events.

We invite you to participate too, whatever your doing to remember this weekend, whether it be a Patriot Day cookout, or traveling to a memorial, whatever it is share it.  Use our mobile moment in time Liveshare gallery. Post to twitter with the hashtag #Mobilemoment, or report it on meporter.

Meporter allows you to report the news, your local news, wherever you are. Simply download the meporter app from the Android Market here and report whatever you feel is newsworthy. This weekend whatever it is you’re doing for the 9/11 weekend.

We’ll take all the shared stories, photos, and videos and preserve them for many years to come.


To publish to our liveshare get the Liveshare app from the Android Market and search Thedroidguy or Mobilemoment

And all weekend long make sure to check out our tribute to 9/11 on Slacker Radio at

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