TDG AT TCD: YouNow Launches At Disrupt

The Crowd at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2011's Start Up Alley photo: TDG

TechCrunch Disrupt is going on in San Francisco and of course Thedroidguy has a team on the ground there.  By now we’re sure you’ve heard that Mike Arrington did do the opening remarks, his last as any official part of the TechCrunch team.  However, as Arrington pointed out, this TCD in San Francisco isn’t about Arrington it’s about the companies and one has really impressed us so far.

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 The company is called YouNow and it’s like the Gong Show meets American Idol on your computer. It’s also like YouTube with live voting.

Right now there are two sections available music and talk.  Using your web enabled camera you can play your songs on the guitar, or as a whole band or sing acapella, rap, whatever you want. You start your younow section and get into the queue and while you’re playing people vote in real time whether they want to watch you keep playing or not.

Younow keeps score on the votes and if you run out of time in the voting process, it moves to the next queued video.  Younow reports on who has the most votes during the day and the best broadcasts over all.

While it sounds odd at first it’s actually really fun.  If you like what you hear and everyone agrees with you the “performer” stays on, or you can give them a thumbs down and their time lowers.  As YouNow says in a press release the content is always adjusted and optimized in real time by the audience vote.  It’s like showtime at the Apollo on the internet and anyone can do it.

There is a confessions and comedy channel that will release later. Right now the talk and music channels provide plenty of entertainment.

With this totally interactive way to do videos and the ability to get instant gratification (or not) YouNow has partnered with one of the oldest online music sites in the world for an artist of the week contest.

Entrants are encouraged to perform in one of four musical categories including Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, and Country with the YouNow community choosing their Top 5 favorite contestants in each category.  One finalist from each genre will then be featured on as a “Free MP3 of the Day,” along with a full complement of editorial content including a profile, performance videos and links to their artist pages.

This could be very catchy! Check it out for yourself here

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