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T-Mobile VP Backs AT&T Merger

Well of course they do!

T-Mobile’s Vice President of Government Affairs, Tom Sugrue, has publicly backed the proposed merger of AT&T and T-Mobile. Well that’s his job. Other than that though he has made some remarks that are directly from the bullet points of the merger information sheets. Sugrue has said that “the facts will prevail” and that the merger will lead to more innovation and enhanced competition.

T-Mobile customers and fans are hoping that the T-Mobile merger doesn’t go through. Sprint is also hoping for the same.  As for those T-Mobile loyalists, they cite the fact that T-Mobile has always stood for innovation.


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Not so sure about that? Check some of the things T-Mobile has supported as an innovator:

– As VoiceStream (before the T-Mobile USA merger) they were the first company to offer the Handspring Treo devices.
– They were the first and only company to give the Andy Rubin led, Danger Hiptop aka the Sidekick a chance and it was one of their flagship devices for a couple years short of a decade.
– T-Mobile was one of the first companies to widely support HTC
– T-Mobile was the first company to offer an Android device
– T- Mobile was the first company to offer HSPA+, and sparked the ITU’s decision to reconsider what it qualified as “4G”
– T-Mobile was the first company to offer a 3D Android tablet
– T-Mobile was the first company to offer an enhanced camera onboard a phone that was the equivalent if not better than most average point and shoot cameras

AT&T does have one innovative partnership and that is of course the iPhone.  As the number two wireless company in the country AT&T’s main focus has been of a mass appeal nature and constantly improving their network to beat or fix customer complaints.

T-Mobile USA’s parent company Deutsche Telekom has all but written their USA arm off. If the merger doesn’t go through it’s hard to say what will happen with T-Mobile however they are fare more the innovator than their possible suitor.

source: BGR via Phonearena

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