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Strategy Analytics: Amazon Will Sell 15 Million Kindle Fires By 2013

The announcement about the forthcoming Kindle Fire Android powered e-reader tablet was barely a day old and Strategy Analytics has already made a bold prediction. Using a proprietary choice based demand model, Strategy Analytics has released their opinion suggesting that Amazon will sell 15 million Kindle Fire’s in the next 14 months.

“Our first impression of the Amazon Kindle Fire is very positive,” says Peter King, Director, Tablet and Touchscreen Strategies. “Amazon has avoided what most of the earlier iPad competitors failed to avoid; a direct comparison on size, features, price and user experience.”

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King goes onto suggest that aside from Amazon, Google has the most to gain, if Amazon hits these high target numbers. Of course Google owns the Android operating system, but as we all know it’s free. King suggests that Google will make money on the increase of apps that run on Android produced for the Kindle Fire.

The Kindle Fire runs on it’s own proprietary version of Android that’s loosely based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread.  The device does not have access to Google’s Android Market,but uses it’s own Android app store instead.  It will be interesting to see if Amazon picks up developers of their own who develop strictly for the Kindle Fire devices or if they develop for both Kindle Fire and native Android.

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