Sprint Sticking With Unlimited… For Now

Sprint’s Chief Technology Officer, Stephen Bye spoke at GigaOM’s Mobilized conference today.  During the conference he dodged questions about iPhones, stayed to the course about 4G and reiterated what Dan Hesse had said at a conference a few weeks back, and that is that for the meantime Sprint is sticking by unlimited plans.

One of the remarks Bye made, makes a lot of sense though. Bye suggested that not only is unlimited easier for customers to maintain, it’s also easier for Sprint to maintain.  As CNet explains, Bye mentioned that there are hidden costs associated with customer service supporting tiered plans. Tiered plans with overages mean more charges, more explaining and eventually more churn.

Sprint currently has a lot on their plate, like long term 4G strategy.  After finishing out their planned 2010 rollout Sprint’s 4G partner (for which Sprint owns over 50%) Clearwire ran out of money and there haven’t been any new markets added to Sprint’s 4G footprint.

Also, rumors are hot and heavy that Sprint will start carrying the Apple iPhone after next weeks announcement. Both of those factors would probably play into the companies decision on unlimited pricing plans.

source: CNet

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  1. Even throttling at 5gigs would be a substantially better offer than the other carriers. Add to that the iPhone 5…that’s a recipe for success.

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