Sprint Launching Their Direct Connect With The Android Powered Motorola Admiral

The headline may be confusing for some so here is a little background. As we all know a few years back Sprint purchased Nextel with the hopes of maintaining their government and business focused iDEN service. That service is what provides the Direct Connect feature that Nextel was known for.  In 2010 Sprint announced that by 2013 they would phase out the iDEN service to use the spectrum for something else and that Sprint themselves would start offering their own direct connect.

Today we found out, via Phandroid, that Sprint will kick off their Direct Connect service with a Motorola vertical qwerty keyboard Android device. The device is called the Motorola Admiral.

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The Motorola Admiral’s specs don’t look too shabby, especially considering the Android devices that ended up on Nextel were in the lower tier. We had assumed that was because of the operating system’s compatibility with the ill fated IDEN.  In the case of the Admiral though we’re looking at a 1.2ghz Qualcomm chip set, 3.1 inch display, full qwerty keyboard, 5 megapixel rear facing camera.

Sprint and Motorola are trying to appeal to the government and business customer that they’ve had on Nextel for years. In that regard the Motorola Admiral features an 1860mah battery and a water, dust resistant, shock and temperature resistant military specced housing.

We can look for this device later this fall.

Source: Phandroid