Special: Thoughts on the decade – 9/11

This is not tech related – but rather a special post, regarding September 11th.  

It is my wish, that a decade later, we can release ourselves from the fear. Get our freedoms back.
That we can take back our travel from pointless “security measures” with invasive scans and molestation by our government in the name of “protecting us.” When we all know it’s just protecting the profit for the companies who make these devices.

Instead of intolerant behavior towards those who are different, perhaps we should try CROSS CULTURAL UNDERSTANDING. Instead of fighting EVERYTHING that you don’t know, why not try to learn something about those “other people.”

Instead of WAR AGAINST poverty, drugs, the middle class, terrorism, religious extremism, etc…
Why don’t we try something different –

The Community against, the Partnership, Humanity against (insert social need here)

Yes, it is just a simple word change, yet very few words contain as much power and negative connotation as war).

Think about humanity before yourself, at least 50% of the time, and you will find that WE can change deeply held beliefs (based in fear of the unknown) easily. It has been proven time and again in my life – when I put humanity first (over myself) hate (or very strong dislike) has disappeared. I was a borderline racist, homophobe, angry white male. Coming from arguably the most “privileged” social group in American society, I distrusted everybody else. This was NOT MY UPBRINGING but my internal struggle.
Through immersing myself in other cultures, getting to know people who were gay, bisexual, transgendered, Chinese, Indian, latino, southern (yes I hated those racist “hicks” though my thoughts were similar to those I thought I hated), socialists, elitists, ANY GROUP OR “LIFESTYLE” not MY OWN – I have spent time with.

GUESS WHAT – ALL HUMAN, ALL FEEL, LOVE HATE, FEAR, LIVE and LOVE the ONLYdifference? They weren’t me.

If you (we) stop living in fear…..then these changes can be made.

That, I believe is what September 11th should now be about. Making the world a better place. It was tragic and it changed the world forever – let’s make that change positive.

I originally posted this on Google+ – here

This weekend in observance of the anniversary of 9/11 thedroidguy is for the most part, taking a break from the daily grind of new release, rumors and other tech news. Share your 9/11 memories from 10 years ago and this weekend more here


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