Sony S Tablet Arriving September 16th in US

Sony has said that their S Tablet is coming to AT&T in November. We’re also expecting a Canadian release sometime in late September. However we’re now hearing, via that the Sony S Tablet could arrive to major US retailers as early as September 16th.  September 16th (in addition to being my mom’s birthday Hi Mom) is also the release date for Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S II variant. the Samsung Epic 4G Touch, so it’s shaping up to be a huge day, especially if you’re a big box retailer with blue and yellow coloring.

The 9.4″ device has had mixed reviews on the internet.  It clocks in with an Nvidia Tegra 2 processor at 1ghz and of course duel core.  So what sets this device apart? Playstation branding. This will be the first official “Play Station” tablet meaning that at some point you’ll be able to play more than the two pre-installed Playstation games (we hope).

The S tablet weighs in at 589g which on first sight seems low however this is a 9.4″ form factor and not the traditional 10.1. Sony has been a trusted name in electronics and of course Playstation is one of the best branded video game systems in the world. Hopefully the S Tablet concept branded with Playstation will fair better than it’s baby brother the Sony Xperia Play.

Source: Phonearena