Slacker And ESPN Bring Customizable Sports Coverage To Internet Radio



If you have ever listened to TDG’s Slacker station you’d know we’re pretty big fans of two things: Android and Slacker. Slacker Radio is an internet radio service that has recently partnered with ESPN to bring users customized sports access to their devices. Users can listen to live and recent coverage of all the latest sports activities, local or national. If you’re familiar with both Slacker and ESPN, you can see why this is such a great combination. ESPN is the nation’s leading sports news station, and with Slacker the experience just got better.

Slacker and ESPN are offering a totally different way to listen to sports. Using Slacker’s proprietary technology ESPN fans can now hear the sports that they want to hear.  Say you’re a New York Yankees fan and don’t care about the Mets, the Orioles and of course the Red Sox, well using Slacker Radio sports fans can hear just the teams they want to hear.

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“Offering new and different ways for sports fans to access ESPN Radio content   continues to be rewarding and exciting,” said Traug Keller, Senior Vice President, Production Business Divisions, ESPN, Inc. “This new relationship puts the fan more in control by providing customizable ESPN content.”

Not only can sports fans with Slacker Radio drill down to hear only the sports news they want but they can also choose to have a sports center update every hour on whatever station they are listening to.  Say the sports fan wants to listen to all their favorite songs with all their favorite tech on TDGN, they can do that and elect to have their hourly sports fix via ESPN’s sports center right on TDGN without having to change the channel.

Slacker has just released an entirely new Android app, compete with ESPN integration for download in the Android Market. The service is free to everyone, but Slacker Premium users get the full experience without ads. With this new update, Android users can fulfill their music and sports obsession through Slacker (before iOS might I add). Be sure to download the app and give it a shot if sports and music is your thing.

And don’t forget that we have our own official slacker station called TDGN giving you all your favorite songs with all your favorite tech you can find it at

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  1. I wonder how this would work for blackout areas, because I know with TuneIn radio, a few times I tried to listen to a sport station in a specific region, and was told it was “blacked” out due to mutual agreements and so forth…

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