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Samsung’s New Category Galaxy Note Clears FCC Headed To AT&T, Excited! YES!

Earlier this month at IFA Samsung wow’d the crowd with a device that no one saw coming.  Prior to the IFA conference in Berlin the first week in September Samsung had issued an “unpacked app”. Within the contents of the app was the logo for the Samsung Galaxy Note.  Nobody knew what this was until it took the stage in Berlin.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is an Android device that measures 5.3″ which is firmly between the size of their Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ line and the Samsung Galaxy S line of smartphones.  It’s also packing a 1.4ghz dual core processor, 1gb of RAM, 8MP rear camera, and 2 mega pixel front facing camera and it weighs 6 oz.

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When the Samsung Galaxy Note was released the word on the show floor was that it wasn’t coming to the United States, but alas it’s shown up at the FCC’s clearance office in Columbia Maryland with AT&T bands to boot (which means it could be headed to Rogers as well or in place of).  Also as both liliputing and Phandroid point out, we can’t rule out a multi-carrier launch since it is Samsung.

Samsung and Apple are in a bitter patent dispute spanning multiple continents. At IFA in Berlin, Samsung removed the 7.7 inch Galaxy Tab to be compliant with an injunction in Germany.  The Galaxy Note wasn’t subject to the same injunction.

source: Liliputing

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