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Samsung Unveils Exonys 4212 Processor

Samsung’s semiconductor division unveiled the next Exonys processor dubbed the Exonys 4212 processor in Taiwan yesterday.  Samsung released the news during the Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum at the Westin Tapei.

The Exonys 4212 is the follow up to Samsung’s current Exonys the 4210. The 4210 is the processor found in most of the Samsung Galaxy S II models. It’s a dual core processor capable of running at 1.2ghz or 1.4ghz.  T The Exonys 4212 is a dual core 1.5ghz, ARM Cortex A9 application processor.

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While Nvidia, Texas Instruments and Qualcomm already have quad core (and quintuplet core) processors either in the works or already shipping to customers, many have got to be wondering why the Exonys 41212 is only dual core.

According to Samsung, the Exonys 41212 is capable of running at 30% lower power than the 4210 processor. It’s also maximized to offer best in class performance while handling digital still images, and video recording and playback at full 1080p HD resolution among other things.

“As innovative technologies appear on the mobile landscape, the market continues to embrace further developments and performance acceleration in mobile computing,” said Seh-Woong Jeong, executive vice president of System LSI sales & marketing, Device Solutions, Samsung Electronics. “Samsung is addressing this trend with its powerful low-power Exynos family of processors based on its proven design technology and cutting-edge process technology for performance and power improvements at the system level.”

Samsung says that they will have the Exonys 4212 available to select customers in Q4 2011

Source: Samsung Electronics

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