Samsung Galaxy Y Headed To Vodafone

Yesterday we reported that T-Mobile USA was going to get one of the new letter branded Galaxy devices from Samsung. The Galaxy W is reportedly headed to T-Mobile as the T-679.  The “W” is supposed to stand for “wonder” and be one step below the Galaxy S line of Samsung phones.

Now we’re hearing that another one of these new letter branded Galaxy devices is headed to Vodafone. This time it’s the Samsung Galaxy Y. It already has a description on the Vodafone website. The Galaxy Y seems to be more entry level to midrange.

The key features are Android 2.3 “Gingerbread”, an 832mhz single core processor, and a 3″ touchscreen. As you can see these are entry level to midrange specs.

The camera is just 2 megapixels. The Vodafone website describes the Galaxy Y as having a comfortable grip thanks to it’s slim body. There’s no release date on the Vodafone page but there is a place you can leave your email address for updates.

source: Vodafone via Intomobile