Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus Headed To T-Mobile Shows Up In The Buff

T-Mobile is getting a new version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab and it’s not going to be the 7.7 that was abruptly removed from Samsung Mobile’s booth at IFA earlier this month.

The new tablet headed to T-Mobile is the Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus. It’s an update to the original 7″ tablet that kicked off the Galaxy Tab brand.¬† has received some very clear in the wild pics of this new tablet. Samsung really likes to use the word Plus when adding enhancements to already existing technology, like superAMOLED Plus for instance.¬† The Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus is fitting because it’s enhanced 7″ version.

So far the reported specs include a superAMOLED display (not sure if it’s regular superAMOLED or superAMOLED Plus), a 7″ form factor, Android 3.x Honecyomb with Samsung’s Touchwiz for tablets on board, and HSPA+ 4G for T-Mobile.

This years model is a little more sleek than the original with better rounded corners and what looks like an aluminum unibody design.

Samsung is holding a press event on Monday that they’ve already revealed will have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, could we see the Galaxy Tab Plus as well? Will Apple’s lawyers be in the audience waiting?

Check out more pics from the source Tmonews

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