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Samsung Galaxy S II Spotlight: Photo Editor

You’ve probably noticed by now that the Android manufacturers are working diligently on putting the best possible cameras into Android devices.  T-Mobile and HTC did it with the MyTouch 4G Slide and now Samsung has done it with the Samsung Galaxy S II.

The Samsung Galaxy S II sports an 8 mega pixel camera with LED flash which means you can take great quality pictures with the phone already in your pocket or purse. No need to make sure you don’t forget the point and shoot because many smartphones today have cameras comparable if not better than existing point and shoot offerings.

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In addition to the overall specs of the camera, Samsung has added an onboard photo editor which allows you to do some of the most common tasks people do before uploading a picture to a social network or sharing it with friends and family.  Things like cropping, resizing, rotating or editing something out of a picture can be done in seconds on the Samsung Galaxy S II.

The photo editor itself is pretty basic. It allows you to select different portions of the photo for color touch ups and lens effects or even a total wash out.  It has a handful of good photo effects to make your pictures stand out.  It also has color adjustments ranging from saturation to brightness and even grey scale.  Once your finished editing your photo you can save it and share it. It also keeps the original unscathed so you can go back to your computer at home and touch it up again.

The Samsung Galaxy  S II just cleared 10 million unit sales worldwide making it one of the best selling Android phones ever. It’s currently available on Sprint as the Epic 4G Touch, and it’s coming to AT&T on October 2nd.  Samsung is also releasing the Samsung Galaxy S II to T-Mobile which is expected in late October.


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