Samsung Galaxy S II Spotlight: How To Resize The Resizable Widgets

When Samsung unveiled the official US versions of the Samsung Galaxy S II at in August in New York City they also unveiled a motherload of new features incorporated with both the Galaxy S II series of phones and with their own proprietary UI, Touch Wiz.

One of the features that caught my eye is the ability to resize widgets.  Sure there are other Android devices that let you set widget size as well as other launchers that allow you to do that as well but now Samsung has added it to the Galaxy S II line.  When you take your head out of the Android enthusiast sand box for a little while, one thing you’ll realize is that TouchWiz has some very consumer friendly, easy to use widgets.  Because I travel a lot I rarely get to watch live news and I always need to know the weather however the default sizes for both widgets are take up a little too much real estate.

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The first thing you need to know about resizing widgets on the Samsung Galaxy S II is that NOT all the widgets are resizable.  In fact only the Samsung widgets are resizable and we’ve noticed even a few of those aren’t like the running apps widget and the power/control bar widget.  However for the widgets that are resizable it was a little hard to figure out just how to do it, but once it was figured out it was easy.

As you can see in the video after selecting a resizable widget, you just click the proper corner for that widget and you’ll see a yellow grid form.  The grid is actually a guideline that shows you just how resizable the widget it.

One of the really neat widgets to resize is the photo widget. You can make a virtual collage on one of your homescreens if you’re so inclined, with lots of different photos in the photo widget, resized and placed in all kinds of ways.

After you make your selection with the yellow grid just click the widget again and it’s done.  The hardest thing for you is going to be figuring out which corner it is that is actually live to activate the yellow grid.  Confused? Just watch the video below:


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