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Samsung Dives Into Tizen Resurrected From The Ashes Of Meego

When HP pulled the plug on WebOS one of the biggest rumors flying around was that Samsung may be interested in purchasing the OS to develop their own OS/Hardware combinations. This came on the heels of Google’s announcement that they were buying Motorola for a $12.9 billion dollars.

Immediately following that announcement from Google, reports came out of Seoul S. Korea saying that Samsung Telecommunications head JK Shin and his team were held closed door discussions to figure out what to do now that Android and Motorola were so closely aligned.  Several rumors popped up including the one about WebOS.  However there was one embattled OS out there that didn’t seem to be getting much attention and that was Meego.

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Now that Meego is all but blowing in the wind, Samsung and Intel have decided to back a  new open source operating system called Tizen.  Tizen will be totally open source and built around the universally accepted HTML 5 and other standard webcode.  The first public release of Tizen is expected in the first quarter of 2012 and it’s supposed to be completely open.  As Lee Matthews over at says, there will be none of this “develop closed, release open when we’re ready”

Tizen will be hosted by the Linux Foundation and Samsung and Intel will lead the technical teams for development.

Of course there is no way to tell yet what the impact of Tizen will be as far as Samsung and Android are concerned. We do know that Samsung just entered into a pretty expensive patent agreement with Microsoft, with an investment like that we’re sure Samsung will still be very active and successful with Android


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