Rovio Takes To The Skies (Literally) And Builds Stores For Angry Birds

A couple dress up as "Angry Birds" at DragonCon this past weekend in Atlanta

Just when you thought the Mighty Ego, James Vesterbacka had done everything in the world, and then some, to market Rovio Mobile’s one hit (out of 52), Angry Birds comes even more over the top marketing.  Although it may seem like we don’t like Angry Birds anymore (we don’t) but we love big marketing.

Rovio Mobile has teamed up with their local Finnish Airline, called Finn Air, to offer some lucky Angry Birds fans the opportunity to participate in the Angry Birds Asian challenge 33,000+ feet in the air. Although there is no actual explanation of how the challenge will work it will happen on a Finn Air flight from Finland to China. Rovio Mobile is opening up Angry Birds branded stores and some of the first ones are believed to be in China.

Jarkko Konttinen, Finnair’s vice president of global marketing, said “Since they have their eye on Asia, and we, although a small airline, see Asia as a growth market, it was very natural that we joined with them in this competition.” (source: Adweek)

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Finn Air and Rovio are calling this the longest, highest Angry Birds flight ever. It’s just another one of the places Rovio has chosen to get their branding out.  Angry Birds was the 52nd game for Rovio Mobile who used to make games for Nokia feature phones.  Call it 51 strike outs if you’d like but Vesterbacka insists it gave them the experience to produce the megahit Angry Birds has become.

Nowadays you can find Angry Birds tee-shirts in your local Hot Topic. You can also find Angry Birds plushies in WalMart, and Rovio also has plans for an Angry Birds cookbook which of course has recipes featuring eggs and pig products like ham, sausage and bacon.

source: adweek

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