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Quick App Review: Photo Vault

Photo Vault is an app for Android that allows you to send photos from your gallery to a secret password protected gallery.  While this app is ideal for those with private affairs, there may be other reasons you don’t want your photos easily accessible to anyone that finds your phone if you lose it.  Maybe you took a bunch of pictures of your 5 year old twins at the beach, innocent enough to you but to a sicko out there that’s a different story.

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    Photo Vault works just as the app says and it’s been around since the beginning of Android. Photo Vault doesn’t limit the number of photos that can be password protected and it even hides the photo vault app where it wouldn’t easily be found. You can select photos to hide one by one or select multiple photos to send at one time. When moving single photos to the “secret” galleries all you need to do is long press on the photo to have it go to the private folder.

You can create your own private folders to send apps to. Also Photo Vault has a feature that will make the Photo Vault appear as a regular gallery app for Android while hiding the secret photos without showing that they even exist.

The developer, Pacific Software Solutions also makes a Video Vault app that works in a very similar manner.

Download it here from the Android Market

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