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Palringo Group Messaging App Gets Pre-Installed On Alcatel 890

If you’re not familiar with Alcatel they’ve been manufacturing Android smartphones overseas. While they don’t have the gusto of a Samsung, HTC, LG or Motorola, they are popular in Vodafone markets.

Today Palringo, a london based multi-platform messaging app announced that their app would be pre-installed on the new Alcatel 890. While this may not be important news to our US based readers, Palringo has also opened up a new office in Silicon Valley where they hope they can better grab a hold of some U.S. market share.

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Palringo is by no means a “small” messaging app. They’ve actually been around on Blackberry since 2006 and now of course have iPhone and Android apps as well. They have a user base of 11 million and move about 10 billion instant messages per month within 300,000 groups.

So what’s all the hype about group messaging anyway.  Group messaging allows you to message with a bunch of people in a group.  Some use Blackberry’s BBM to group message with folks they work with. Others use apps like Palringo to do quick make shift groups if they’re going to a festival, a concert, a reunion, an event etc. With Palringo you can set up your group for anything.

Palringo has announced that they are working with Samsung, Cellon, Vodafone and others to get Palringo pre-installed on more devices.

Tim Rea, CEO of Palringo said We’re pleased to offer manufacturers and carriers a way to differentiate their services and drive consumer loyalty.”

Check out Palringo yourself in the Android Market

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