Opera Mobile Update Improves Security, Fixes Bugs

The Opera browser has been around since the earlier days of Blackberry when Opera was the only game in town for alternative browsers on a Blackberry. If you owned a Blackberry before Android and iOS came on the scene than you are familiar with the fact that earlier Blackberry’s did email and text very well but Web was an eye-straining, slow, off-set mess for many years.¬† Opera mini was there to save the day. That’s why when Opera finally made the transition to Android we switched immediately.

Opera has now released an update to their Opera Mobile browser.¬† There are two Opera Browsers for Android, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile. This update was for Opera Mobile. It’s update 11.1 update 2.

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The first part of the update secured the cache better. There was a potential exploit that would have allowed other apps to read and modify the cache. Opera has taken a preemptive measure and eliminated that risk.

Opera also addressed several display issues, that were mostly found when using Opera Mobile on a Samsung Galaxy phone. All of those issues seem to have been fixed.

Opera has also added a Honeycomb large screen compatibility mode. Opera Mobile is available in the Android Market. This is again for Opera Mobile. Opera Mini is the server side based server that renders web pages using a fraction of the data that other smartphone browsers use.

source: Opera via Pocketnow