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Nvidia CEO: Quad Core Tablets On The Way By Christmas

Nvidia’s dual core Tegra 2 processor has appeared in most of the Android tablets by major manufacturers this year. First introduced with the Motorola Xoom at the beginning of the year, you couldn’t read about a new Honeycomb tablet without reading the familiar Nvidia Tegra 2.  In fact, as of late, most of the tablets are finding it hard to differentiate themselves from their counterparts by other OEM’s, especially in the processor department.

Motorola, LG, Toshiba, Lenovo, Acer, and Asus just to name a few, are companies which released an Android Honeycomb tablet with a dual core, Nvidia, Tegra 2 processor. All these tablets also came in close to the same price point (or rested there) and with many of the same specs in other departments too.

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Now, Nvidia’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is starting to talk about the Nvidia Quadcore procesor which is supposed to be twice as fast as the Tegra 2. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Huang said we should see the first of the quadcore processor’s in Android powered tablets by Christmas time.  As PCWorld points out, we were supposed to start seeing Nvidia Quadcore processors in Android tablets this summer. As to the delay Huang told The Journal that their OEM partners were:

 “getting the industrial design as wonderful as possible, and some of it is related to tuning and performance.”

Although many Android enthusiasts hate to admit it, the Android powered Honeycomb tablets have seen lackluster sales as a whole.  We’ve yet to see a breakout tablet that could really challenge the iPad on dollar value and spec.  The tablet we like the most at TDG is the Toshiba Thrive for it’s innovative ways of incorporating tools business users need. Unfortunately though the Thrive has seen disappointing sales and Toshiba has already introduced it’s replacement at IFA.

Although Nvidia insists that quadcore tablets are coming out before Christmas time we haven’t heard the usual leaks and rumbles with just a few months to go.  PC World and other analysts also speculate that tablet manufacturers are having a hard time working out the numbers to make a faster, more costly processor work for less money than the iPad has dictated for the tablet PC market.

HP’s recent fire sale and the rumors of $250 pricing for the Amazon tablet are making OEM’s second guess their pricing strategy and their current tablet ecosystem.

Our feeling is that if Nvidia over-saturates the market with their quad-core processor as they have with the Tegra 2 than that takes away from it being the “fastest” processor available. Our feeling is that by early 2012 we’ll be looking at the same handful of Android tablets with the same Nvidia quad-core processor in the same spot at Best Buy as their Tegra 2 predecessors with no real set apart innovation.  hmmm

Your thoughts?

Source: PC World


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