No Nexus Branded Phone Is Going To Have A Keyboard

So Dr. Panda Seuss is back with more Samsung Nexus Prime poetry, this time I’m going to get in front of the story before any of my other writers do and just cut right to the chase, Google is not going to allow a phone branded “nexus” to have a physical keyboard.

The Nexus series is a developer series designed to take advantage of Android in it’s most original form.  If you ever go to an Android focused tech event like I/O or Appnation you’ll see all the developer’s in the developer sandboxes using their apps and demoing their apps on a Nexus One or Nexus S. They’re looking for the pure Googlefied experience. In order to develop for the masses you need to have a baseline phone.

Now, well Samsung release a similarly spec’d Android device with a qwerty keyboard? I’m sure they will but it won’t be a Nexus.

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In reading all the stories about the rumored NexoPrimeGalaxyDroid, we’re getting away from the fact that for the phone to come out with Google’s Nexus branding, that it’s gotta be true to the core. It’s also not Samsung nor Verizon’s decision to change things.  Unlike the Galaxy S or Galaxy S series of devices, the Nexus One for AT&T, T-Mobile and International was the exact same phone.  The Nexus S for Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile, other than the fact that Sprint’s had WiMax and AT&T’s didn’t have HSPA+ were the exact same phone.

Verizon knows this, Samsung knows this and now you do as well.

Now before you get all hot under the collar remember this is all rumor and speculation but based on the past Google won’t let “variants” other than radio changes happen to a “Nexus” branded device. The other thing to consider is that Android 2.0 didn’t release on a “Nexus” device it released on the Motorola Droid.

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3 Replies to “No Nexus Branded Phone Is Going To Have A Keyboard”

  1. The last lines of tfleming’s poem are:

    “Be it a Droid or Nexus branded new toy, with dual cores “hd” screems, fancy new widgets and more…
    The one with the keyboard is what I enjoy”

    That may imply that Verizon’s Droid Prime will have a physical keyboard, while the other carriers’ Nexus Primes won’t.

  2. Hey droidguy, I thought you saw this Nexus?  Did it have a keyboard or not?  We’re not interested in your opinion.  Just facts, ma’am.

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