Nikon Has A New Camera Coming

Nikon is introducing a brand new camera to their line up on Wednesday at noon eastern time. They haven’t said what this new camera will be. We don’t know if it will be one for their point and shoot or “cool pix” line or a new form of DSLR. Nikon seems to have an enormous presence in both arenas.

Nikon has a teaser site set up here. It features nothing but a countdown timer.

It’s widely believed that the camera will be a mirror less camera beating rival Canon to the punch.  Samsung, Olympus, Panasonic and Sony all have mirror less cameras already however none of those companies have the digital prowess that Nikon has.

UK based Pocket-Lint points out that nowhere does it say Nikon on the site however the fonts and coloring are an exact match to the current Nikon branding.

We’re wondering if Ashton Kutcher will be part of this big announcement, stay tuned!

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