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Nielsen: New Smartphone Users Picking Android Over iPhone 2 To 1

The latest results from top research firm Nielsen are in and they show that Android continues to dominate. In August 43% of smartphone owners were using an Android device. Apple’s iOS came in at just 28%, which was flat from the same period the previous year. Of course iOS fans will immediately stand up and say that these are unfair results because there is “only one iPhone” and a large number of Android devices.  What that really proves though is that smartphone users want variety and aren’t necessarily impressed with the one size fits all operating system model.

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As our friends at Phonearena point out, the statistic from Nielsen that is even more impressive is that from June to August new smartphone owners chose Android 56% of the time, while iOS came in at just half of that.  Apple has thrown their regular release schedule into a tailspin. Typically a new iPhone is unveiled in late spring and ready for the public in mid-summer. This huge variance in numbers could partially be contributed to the fact that iPhone 3GS users who were hoping for a summer upgrade around their anniversary, went with Android because it was ready.

Apple has announced an event at their Cupertino headquarters next week where we are expecting new Apple CEO to announce the iPhone 5.  Based on previous release patterns that would put the iPhone 5 in stores around Christmas time.  Apple has never had a fresh iPhone available during the holiday season.

If the rumored specs of the next iPhone are to be believed, Android OEM’s have a bunch of more powerful, feature packed phones that will hit alongside the iPhone 5 like the Samsung “insert word here” Prime, Motorola Razr, HTC Verge and more.

Nielsen has shown that Android continues to grow and maintain a steady lead against all competitors and it should continue over the course of the rest of 2011.

source: PhoneArena

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