Nexus One Users Get Another Update

If you’re still tried and true to the core and still toting around the original Google/HTC Nexus One then bravo to you.  You somehow managed to realize the Nexus One is still a great device. Albeit a little outdated from the snazzy new dual core processors, hyped up displays and 4G connectivity, you still have the original Nexus (developer) phone.

Google has made an update available to Nexus One users, which is Android 2.3.6. The Nexus One build of 2.3.6 is GRK39F and it’s ready to be downloaded now from here.  I’m sure if you’re reading this story then you already know how to update your Nexus One to this build.

Google says that the update has “important bug fixes and security patches” other than that though there are no known feature enhancements.

source: Pocketnow

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