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New Version Of Gowalla Brings Gowalla Guides Now Available In The Android Market

Last week Josh Williams, CEO of Gowalla, announced some major upcoming changes to the Gowalla experience. The biggest of those changes is “Gowalla Guides”. In addition to the normal check-in to let your friends, family and followers know where you are, Gowalla wants people to use their service to discover new places.

This idea isn’t new for Gowalla, one of the things that has always set Gowalla apart from apps like Foursquare was their trips feature.  With trips you could customize a local sight seeing trip that encourages certain checkins. Whether it was in a smaller area like a town or say Disney World, or the Google offices around the world trip which included offices from Mountain View to Washington DC to Germany, trips added a unique discovery component to Gowalla.

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Now, Gowalla has taken that concept and increased it ten fold in their new Gowalla Guides. There are currently 60 different social Gowalla Guides created by the Gowalla community. Guides include information from the average user, well known content creators and local experts, all crowdsourced together to make one comprehensive guide for users to discover new areas.  As Gowalla said in their release today the Gowalla Guides will show users what the locals love to do and where the experts recommend you go.  See a great museum and find a dive restaurant with to die for crab cakes, this is what Gowalla Guides are all about.

“Our mission is to inspire people to go out and share their world,” said Josh Williams, CEO and co-founder of Gowalla. “Our new Gowalla Guides are not only a realization of this mission, they bring the magic of mobile, local and social technologies to a larger, mainstream audience eager to find real value from location-based services.”

Gowalla has partnered with major content providers including Disney and National Geographic to offer 20 different brand guides.  One of the Disney guides encourages users to “Walk in Walts Footsteps” while National Geographic offers some of the best sightseeing ideas like the best photo opps at Yosemite National Park.

Discover Gowalla Guides for yourself, download the updated Android app here

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