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Netflix Now Supporting All Android Devices 2.2 And Higher

A lot was supposed to change come September 1st for Netflix users. That was the date that the DVD and streaming programs were split apart and now customers need to pay more if they want the ease of Netflix streaming service along with the DVD at home service.  Netflix is trying to get customers to shy away from DVD rentals and more to their streaming content which Netflix pays a lot of money for.

Last week Netflix updated their Android app and it now supports all Android devices with Android 2.2 and higher.  This is great news for many many Netflix users. We’ve tried it on about 10 Android devices and it works great. Also rumors that you couldn’t run two different streams to two different devices from one account are false, in fact based on our testing today, WAY false, although Netflix does say you can only stream one show at a time per license.

So if you’re a Netflix user that’s been waiting since Netflix was first officially introduced for just a handful of phones, now is the time to get your Netflix fix!

source: PhoneArena

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