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Meporter For Android And How It Got Here

There’s been a lot of buzz about Meporter for Android, and that’s awesome because the idea behind the app and the app itself are awesome. The reason for the buzz though is the Android developer for meporter is Stephen Erickson who we know and love as Stericson.

Cameron and I first heard about merporter at TechCrunch Disrupt.  We actually met the CEO, Andy Leff’s, father first.  The elder Leff  has an uncanny resemblance to Al Pacino. Because meporter was launching from TechCrunch on the first day they couldn’t tell us what meporter even was, much less what it did. And when we asked they said it was going to be for iPhone first and come to Android later, well that’s what they “ALL” say.

On day two after the cat was out of the bag I really loved the idea, you report the news. I had just returned from a 6 week trip to San Francisco and many of you may remember right after appnation and about a week before Google I/O actually May 4th to pin it down, the hotel across the street from my hotel had caught on fire, like big fire. Smoke was everywhere and I was tweeting videos and photos as fast as I could type. I’d take a photo with one phone, upload it to twitter while shooting video on the other. Thedroidguy’s tweets got picked up by the local newspaper and the local ABC affiliate.

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That’s what meporter does, it lets you report the news to the meporter community via Android (now or iPhone) so that takes us back to our story…

So after getting our attention we met Andy Leff, he was just a cool guy he already had a business 2 business internet business and wanted to do something more fun and interesting.  He also noticed how people would jam up their Facebook and Twitter timelines on a news story.  Meporter solves that problem.

So remember up a few paragraphs ago I said everyone says they are going Android, they don’t want to be left out. Half the companies never actually come to Android. I’m still waiting on Sonar (but thats another story).  Leff told me he would get the Android app just as fast as he could but he needed a solid Android developer and a fast one, did I know any (of course). Again this is something most companies ask we give some recommendations and never a follow through.

I thought about Leff’s question and as soon as I got back to the office I got an email from one Stephen Erickson telling me he wanted to move to the DC area and did I know anyone hiring developers (of course).  It just so happened that meporter was based in the DC area.  So I picked up the phone and called Andy, then we all emailed.  Finally during CE Week NY Cameron and I met Andy and his Al Pacino dad for dinner in Manhattan, it was there that the magic came together.

So fast forward to last month, the Android app is almost ready and Andy wants a big news event to launch meporter with. Now since we can’t manufacture most big big news, we came up with the idea to launch meporter for Android during the 10th anniversary of September 11th weekend.

So this weekend go download meporter, sign up for an account, friend me, Stericson and Andy and report on whatever it is you’re doing to celebrate “Patriots Day”. That’s what meporter is for!

Meporter has some exciting things planned too imagine your favorite local or national news anchor “checking in with meporter” to see what the news is.  Or reading your favorite national newspaper and seeing stories from meporter, all of that is in the works and it’s going to be awesome.  Meporter isn’t just for hard news either, see something crazy at the park or a new restaurant, meporter it. See a great item at a yardsale, meporter it. Is your daughters soccer team beating the other team by ten, meporter it, you get the idea.
What are you waiting for go make some news.  Here’s a link to meporter in the market


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