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LG Optimus S Gingerbread Update Halted By LG And Sprint

LG’s best selling Android phone so far has actually been the original Optimus line that came out last year. The Sprint version of the original Optimus, called the Optimus S, started receiving an update to Gingerbread this week that has been halted by Sprint.

There have been widespread reports about a handful of bugs in the new update. We’re not talking little glitches either. Some of the Optimus S users that received the update are saying that their batteries won’t recharge. Others are reporting that predictive text is no longer working. While others are reporting they can’t connect to data and their SD cards are showing up as unmounted.¬† Some are also reporting that PC’s won’t find the Optimus S when connected.

Sprint has halted the update and will get the bugs worked out before reissuing it.

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