Justin Bieber: Me + You Could Equal Start Up Magic

The Silicon Alley Insider reported earlier in the day that Ferrari wrecking, teen sensation Justin Bieber has been rubbing elbows on the court with the likes of NBA star Steve Nash.  While many could quickly postulate because of his fame and fortune Bieber gets to do things out of the ordinary for teenage boys, he may have been shooting hoops with Nash for other reasons.

A video has shown up of Bieber’s play date and apparently Mike Duda, Nash’s partner in start up firm Consigliere Brand Capital was also playing horse with America’s favorite teen idol. Consigliere has already made investments in New York based start ups Birchbox, Stella Service and Chloe & Isabel.  SAI goes onto say that they aren’t just rumor mongering, they know for a fact that Bieber has already done a stealth investment with other celebrities.

According to SAI the Bieber backed start up is a “good natured Zynga”  Bieber isn’t alone as a celebrity investing in start ups, Ashton Kutcher is big into tech start ups as are Lady GaGa, Chamillionaire and P-Diddy (or whatever he’s calling himself these days)

source: SAI

Photo: Foxnews

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