Huge Week At Thedroidguy

This week we’ve got a huge week planned for our loyal Twitter followers, TDGN listners and TDG readers. First off, this weekend we’ve got teams in Pennsylvania, New York and DC to cover the 10th anniversary of September 11th with meporter, the 360 app and live share.

Then Monday-Wednesday we have a TDG crew at Tech Crunch Disrupt in San Francisco, where the story about Mike Arrington has overshadowed any chance of any hopeful start up from getting any press, but we’ll be there to cover all the action just like we did at TCD NY.  Learn about the newest start ups to hit Android and the tech scene. How many location based services will we see? And is Arrington hosting or not? Watch TDG coverage throughout the event.

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Now if you’ve been following us for a long time you know that our relationship with the world’s largest carrier is a bit fragile at times, so what have we done, we’ve decided to send our west coast editor, Brent Fishman, to the Verizon Developers conference in Las Vegas Tuesday and Wednesday, yes this was a smart move.  Stay tuned to hear what Verizon is telling developers, what new apps are coming out and Brent will be talking one on one with the guys behind the Sony Xperia Play and more. To add to the thrill we put him up at the Hooters Resort and Casino so maybe he’ll have some videos from there too.

Thursday we’ll be rolling in the deep at the Holiday Extravaganza in New York City. At this annual event all the big companies have a mini trade show and show us everything we can expect for the 2011 holiday season.  Then it’s off to San Jose to prepare for the Android Homecoming.

Oh and finally we’ve got some phones and tablets to give away on TDGN so make sure you’re listening at and if you’ve got a request for TDGN call 815-200-1051