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Huawei Dual Sim Android Device Clears The FCC

An interesting device has just run it’s course through the FCC’s Columbia Maryland clearance center.  The device, the Huawei u8520 was just approved by the FCC. What makes this a unique approval is that it’s a dual sim device cleared with frequencies compatible for North America.  Dual Sim phones aren’t very popular in North America, although they are becoming more and more popular internationally.

Dual Sim phones can be used for business people who want to run a line for personal and business use. Another popular use case is international travelers who need sims from multiple carriers in their device. Typically when we travel overseas we use Verizon world phones and a sim from Vodafone.

The Huawei u8520 features both WCDMA II and WCDMA V (1900/850mhz) so that means it could show up at AT&T or Rogers in Canada.  We’ll have to see where this one ends up.

Source: Unwired

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