HTC To Unveil Runnymede At London Event Next Week

While most of the mobile world is going to be salivating over the next carnation of the iPhone, HTC is throwing a soiree of their own to release a phone that will trump some of the new iPhones features.

Invites have gone out to both press and the public to an HTC event in London October 6th. Press received the invite in their email boxes while the public was invited via HTC’s UK Facbeook page.

HTC is expected to release the phone that’s been code-named Runnymede. There were rumored reports earlier this month saying the device will be called the HTC Bass while newer reports are suggesting it will be called the HTC Sensation XE. Whatever they call it the event definitely has to do with HTC’s new partnership with Beats by Dre.

The rumored device is supposed to have a 4.7 inch screen 8 megapixel camera and HTC Sense 3.5

Whatever it is we’ll find out the 6th

source: Slashgear

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